Google Way To Remove Stuff: Speakers

Apple removed Headphone jack then, removed fingerprint reader, both disliked by almost all.
Here’s the Googe way to do things

On February 11th, Google acquired a UK based company Redux, the company has been working on converting displays into speakers.

Now if thats a success you can have a smaller notch or negligible notch without any hassles. This is important for Pixel line up because Pixel has dual front firing stereo speakers, which would make it difficult to further trim bezels.

Difficulties apart, Here’s the thing when you use the whole display as speaker, you can get much louder voice and much better quality.
What is also possible is to not a have a vibrator when you use display as speaker, you feel vibrations when you touch the screen, and that would be a dream come true experience
Also, and this is the best part, Surround sound might go on next level with it. You can program which portion of display produces sound, so if you are watching a video with a car moving the portion having the car can be producing sound. Though this would require lot of coding by google to figure out the source if sound in video like car tree person and then locating it at dispay and then producing its sounds, hope this turns out to be true.
Those vibrations would be industry leading. Google has history of leading industry by aquiring new companies with great technologies. Though we should remember that these technologies take time to develop tgth are not a day’s work. May be Pixel 3 misses them. But be sure that Google would be the first company to do this wonder.
Rest it is destiny best of luck Google. May Pixel series grow exponentially.

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